Dabbing is imperfect and impossible without the carb caps. Famous for the charm that turns the meaningless session into a marvelous one. It’s a brand-new sensation in the arena of dabbing that might improve the way of airflow and the tide of heat for a healthier intake.

What Is A Carb Cap?

A Carb Cap is a dabbing accessory for use with the dab rig. It is one of the weed dab accessories designed to keep on the banger top that catches heat after applying herbal concentrates. Stay tuned; let’s discuss its function, types, material, importance, and how to use it?

How Carb Cap Works?

Undoubtedly, most of you already have savoir-faire how to use or ad? a carb cap on the dome and pledge the never-ending session. But the tenderfoot may or may not have an idea how simply anyone can use it, so here we enlighten the way out to dab like maven.

  • To proceed with the first step, add the concentrates to the nail
  • After that now, seal the dome top via carb cap.
  • Move it up and around for the pressure and adjustment of airflow
  • Unless you find the accurate mix

Note: If you have a carb cap that is “functional type”, stay calm, use it according to the above-discussed steps for dabbing, and easily create the accurate heating milieu.

Different Types of Carb Cap

All the carb caps perform the same function due to different nail or banger designs. Traps heat and helps the THC concentrate thoroughly burn in the meantime, averts the cooling-off all through the process. It comes in numerous types and styles, and within a few steps, you can commence the dabbing. Here are the utmost and most popular styles;

  • Spinner Carb Cap

The spinner carb cap lid is made from durable borosilicate glass. It is more durable and rises in popularity to trap a vast quantity of heat. No wonder called as best dabbing tool even for the typical smoker. Innovative technology produces whirlwind airflow and efficiently spins oil all-round the top of the quartz nail. Control the dabbing temperature and oil vaporization by proper channelizing of inward air.

  • Directional Carb Cap

Directional carb cap has a handy and light design. It is created for people who don’t like to carry something heavy—intended to line up with “banger-style” or quartz nails. Rotatable angle carb cap design helps to crumble the THC concentrates. It eases the experience by producing condensed vapors. Furthermore, maintain the density of air and uniformly mete out the oil.

  • Flat Carb Cap

Chic and straightforward to work with a banger. It is the ideal companion for newbies of dabbing because of its simple and more extended ergonomic design. Flat carb is made from glass material and delivers the pure savor of the concentrates.

  • Bubble Carb Cap

If you are professional at dabbing, Bubble carb is the best option to choose, furnished with quartz. Perform well with bangers who have a top flat. Hollow internal stem (outspread from the simmer) that controls the airflow. Easy to rotate and follow the mechanism of ball-and-socket.

Different Types of Carb Cap Materials

Like different sizes of carb cap quality also matter. Each material of carb caps comes with unparallel attributes that add value to your flavor and session. Generally, three types of quality material, i.e., titanium, ceramic, and quartz, are considered in dabbing. Eventually, choose which suits your penchant. “The choice is yours.”


The design of ceramic carb cap lacks the touch of beauty but customizable style. The important thing is that no one can take ceramic performance lightly—an excellent option to avail and enjoy the transparency and overwhelming dabbing. Since vapors keep moving over ceramic without fear of depriving flavor, it is more economical than titanium and more hard-wearing than Glass.


The top of Titanium carb cap is indestructible and has an enduring lifetime to serve you endless sessions—travel-friendly design. Especially good for beginners and too suitable for veteran users. Feel the pure and fresh dainty flavor free from the hostile taste. Check out glass material if you do not adore using metal to consume wax concentrates.

Glass & Quartz

Dandy and aesthetic style, specially crafted to produce great vapors. Glass carb caps are more delicate than the quality material stated above. Longevity is relied on how you treat or use them. In a few words, the care and endurance of the dabbing apparatus have a direct relationship. Quartz carb cap does not find the middle ground with quality. That’s why it retains the integrity of flavor taste for you.

Does the Size of Carb Cap Matter?

Carb cap size matters a lot to develop a strong connection or seal around the banger or nail. Otherwise, you are willingly allowing the air to come and cool down the nail and ruin the dabbing session. There are mainly three sizes viz. 14,18, and 20mm. So, you need to wisely check the size. Always pick the primary size that fits your banger perfectly without any gap.

What is A Carb Cap Dabber?

A “carb cap dabber” has the flexibility to fit and function properly with various sizes of bangers or nails without swap. More compatible with trough and castle-style nails. This design is prevalent owing to the flexibility and approachability in 3 types – ceramic, glass, and titanium. Quick-witted kind of carb lid, dab, stir and instantly place the cap on the top to seal the banger or nail. Center tube in the castles has potential that upsurges higher more than nail sidewalls.

Protect nail from the effect of extreme heat and double the shelf life. So, you can admire the dab for a long time without one more investment on the new banger. Stay free from the annoyance of replacing cracked nails that end up in the dabbing session. What’s more:

  • Versatile
  • Enduring design
  • Cooldown temperature
  • Adjust the number of vapors
  • Resourceful combo
  • Conserve taste
  • Delicate flavors
  • Control airflow
  • Make the nail durable

Carb Cap Dabber: How to Use It?

The fabulous and multipurpose design of carb cap dabber helps get more lead than other dabbing accessories and eases the operators. Warm up the nail via a torch and scoop or spread the concentrates in it. You can control airflow by upturning it as you draw in. Rotate it for a more uniform distribution of airflow and thicken smoke. Once you complete the draw in and ends up a quest of vapors. Lastly, do clean the rig after taking away this accessory.

How Do I Choose A Carb Cap Dabber?

A carb cap dabber is best to enhance the flavor and vapors. Consume less heat to produce more concentrate, and even you can set the airflow as per the need of vapors. Once you have determined what style and size you need, the next step is to choose the tool that provides sheer performance. Always be mindful about the sort of in-use nail. If you have a quartz banger, then ideally, you would need the quartz-type carb dabber for the line-up. Why is the banger perfect match so important? Logic is probably you’ll unintentionally break the nail. If you mistakenly or knowingly try to fit the quartz nail with titanium instead of quartz, dabber compatibility makes them perfect to operate or use. That’s how selecting the exact size of carb cap matters significantly.

How to Clean Carb Cap?

Firstly, let the nail cool down. By using the dabber tool, start the scarping of surplus concentrates that you want to use again. Secondly, expunge the seared residues and rub the alcohol using the cotton cloth. Glass or other delicate material requires more care. Therefore, you should stay focused when cleaning. Would you prefer to taint or spoil the flavor profile by means dusty carb cap? Not. Don’t fail to recall the cleaning action as a minimum single time a week, which is depending upon how often you consume the wax concentrates.

Valuable Tips on How to Use a Carb Cap

Carb cap tips always work magically. Let’s unveil tricks for your spectacular dabbing.

  • Just grasp the precise size and material that matches your dome or nail design.
  • Don’t overheat (avoid getting the red-hot color of) the nail
  • Maintaining temperature
  • Help in pinning out the suitable sweet spot
  • Make sure dabbing accessories are spotless and hygienic
  • Always dab at (lower temperature) to get bountiful vapor, and pure terpenes savor
  • Avoid dabbing at higher temperatures; that keep back oil from destroying
  • Let it cool down, and after that, clean the debris


Now you can use a carb cap to dab in a single shot with different kinds of dab rigs. Great potential to assist you in manifold ways, so you have to be selective about the types, material, and size. In short, you can escape from the downfalls that could happen in dabbing by considering how to use, choose, clean this dab tool. Follow the tricks as clearly illustrated above and have a nice dabbing!

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