Before reading about the intricate differences of a niche subject about vaping or dabbing wax, it is perhaps preferable to understand what is even being talked about. Though this is fairly common knowledge for those already present in the wondrous world of cannabis, those who are not as involved may not understand it as well. Keep reading to find their differences.

What Is Vaping?

Vaping is the process of using a vaporizer, dab pen or wax pen that allows an individual to vape cannabis, nicotine, or other substances. The word ‘vape’ comes from a vaporizer, as the device vaporizes the wax/substance within it to produce smoke that the user inhales.

A complete vape is simply a kit that contains all the equipment you need to begin vaping. This includes the vaping device, battery, charging cable, and other associated objects.

What Is Dabbing?

Now that the vaping definition has been established, time to move on to the other term that will be frequently mentioned here. Dabbing is the act of using wax (i.e., dabbing). And a dab can be the small amount of wax to be placed on the nail (i.e., a dab of wax).

Vaping vs Dabbing Wax: What Are the Differences?

Generally, vaping wax and dabbing wax are assumed to be the same. Both terms are used to describe it, and it does the job as people understand what the terms are pointing towards. In this colloquial sense, both are dabbing and vaping wax describe marijuana in a wax form and not oil or herb. Although the colloquial definition is not that far from the actual definitions of the terms, there are still some differences that any wax user should know of.

Vaping and Dabbing Use Different Device

Dabbing wax is the more generic term from the two. It simply explains that an individual uses wax, regardless of what form the wax is used in. Well, of course, this is not set in stone; this is what the term is widely used as.

As for vaping wax, while it means a similar thing, this term suggests that a vape or vape pen will be involved somehow. While vaping wax can be used in traditional dab rigs, etc., it is sometimes considered slightly improper.

Different Consuming Devices For Different People

More specifically, this blends into the overall differences between using a dab rig and a wax vape pen. These differences between the two boil down to the same differences one would find when comparing any vaporizer/pen/bong/joint that uses raw flame (via a matchstick, lighter, etc.) to heat the wax with one that uses heat produced from a battery. The significance of the difference ends up going on to be what is preferred and/or what is more convenient.

A dab rig is probably more suitable for those who prefer stationary set-ups. Conversely, people on the go would generally go for pens. Whatever be anyone’s preference or need, the following guide should help provide a basic understanding to help determine which product will be best suited for them.

Vaping Wax With Dab Pens

Using dab pens has surged in popularity over the past few years. Mostly because of the quick technological advancements that make them better and better from previous variants. Keep in mind, though, that there is a wide variety of vapes available, each with differences that can majorly alter your wax vaping experience. For example, dab pens, shaped like regular ballpoint pens (hence the name), are small, discrete vaporizers with decent battery life and modest cartridge sizes. On the other hand, box mod vaporizers are larger with significantly greater battery life and much greater storage capacities. These are best for users looking to use vaporizers for extended periods without charging them (some versions of box mods do not have such long battery life when going through particularly heavy vapors).

Nevertheless, all wax pens run on a heating chamber, batteries, and a mouthpiece. The heating chamber uses coils to heat up the wax from the three components. While said coil can be made of many materials, the two most popular are ceramic and quartz. The latter retains heat for longer periods of time, but also takes longer to heat up in the first place. The former dissipates its accumulated heat quicker but takes less time to heat up. These coils –made of either material- need to be replaced now and again, but otherwise, wax pens are pretty low maintenance.

Dabbing Wax With Nectar Collectors

A nectar collector could be considered to be a minimalist dab rig. It does the same thing, fulfills the same purpose, but is a lot less hassle to operate and maintain. There is no need to search for a dedicated location to store it, no water to gather, and no unnecessary glass around. The collectors are sturdier than traditional dab rigs and all the more mobile. Just light it up, let it heat, and dab away.

Dabbing Wax With Dab Rigs

“True” dabbing, as the purists would call it. Dab rigs produce intense, gut-churning hits that are powerful enough to make a person start rolling around on the floor. But then again, that is the point.

Designed similarly to bongs, these dab rigs must be placed in stable environments. Mostly because the dab nail needs to reach a certain temperature, which can only be achieved by using a blowtorch. If a powerful beast of a hit is what you are looking for, look no further than these robust dab rigs.

Dab Pens vs Dab Rigs

As mentioned in the beginning, it is really up to you which is better based on dab rig vs dab pen. Objectively, both have strong reasons to be better than the other, but they are equally good. It is up to your preferences that give either of the two an edge over the other. While vape pens are a lot more convenient and quicker, dab rigs are more intricate in their process, leading to two different hits produced. Both are complete vapes at the end of the day.

Where Can You Buy Wax Pens and Dab Rigs?

There are dozens upon dozens of physical stores and online retailers that sell both vaping and dabbing devices, as well as dab rigs and wax pens. Now you can check out for a large collection of dab rigs, bongs, vape pens, and more.

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