Do you know what the safest way to use weed is? Vaping is declared the safest way to consume weed with the least health effects, though it still does not ensure a full harmlessness of weed.

Before you vape weed, you must consider other important things; one of the most important is to vape at a particular temperature or face difficulties.

So, you must know everything about the best temperature to vape weed. Dry herb vaping is increasing daily as its use is now legal in many countries, making it accessible openly. Knowing more information about how to vape weed and how to choose the best vape temperature would be beneficial for you.

The important thing to know?

There is no single temperature that you can use to vape. The thing is that you must remain between an acceptable range of temperatures because in case you are using too high temperatures, it would be harmful, while using too low temperature might give you nothing out of weed.

Let us dive deeper into this debate and try to know more about it.

What Is Weed Vaping?

Weed vaping means heating it at some suitable temperature that releases its vapors inhaled by an individual for pleasure purposes. These vapors come from the gaseous form coming from the weed. The vapors you inhale come from the oils you inhale, so you must know the best temperature to vape oil.

There are various quality vaporizers in the market to ease the procedure of vaping for you; some of the vaporizers are in the form of pens, while others come in different shapes and sizes, from which you can purchase of your choice. Different types of marijuana and cannabis heated at different temperatures will give you different flavors. Some vaporizers use weed oil while others directly use the plant, so which vaporizer should be purchased depends on your choice and need.

Why Should You Choose Vaping Weed Instead Of Smoking It?

To vape weed is a trending thing that most people consider fashion, but there are serious benefits of vaping over smoking apart from just making yourself a trending person. There are vaping pens available in the market to help people with vaping, so if you are a big fan of weed, then vaping would be a better choice. Here is why.

  • Less Exposure To Health Effecting Components

Smoking weed increases the risk of exposure to tar, carcinogens, and other toxic products eliminated with the smoke immediately entering an individual’s lungs. When you use vaping to use weed, you will be surprised about how low the impact will be, with much-reduced exposure to harmful byproducts. Though there is no accurate research yet done to determine the extent to which the exposure is reduced, a large count is expected through multiple studies.

  • No More Smelly Breath

The worst thing you have to face while you use to weed through smoking is the smell of weed all around your room, clothes, and even a bad breadth. The fumes that come from vaping pens do not stay with you longer because they know how to diffuse in the air, while cigarette smoke lingers around you for days.

Vapors tend to dissipate faster in the air, which makes them leave your environment, and thus no smells are there to disturb you or even the people in your surroundings.

  • Smoking Weed Cost You More Dollars

Saving money in whatever way you can is the biggest aim of every person nowadays. The reason behind this situation is the rising expenses, especially when the world is already facing an economic crisis after the Covid-19 outbreak.

You can purchase a weed vaporizer once and keep on using it until you like by adding small amounts of weed in it. Another reason is that the shots provided through a weed vape pen would be much stronger than smoking a weed cigarette because much of the smoke is dispersed in the air. When it comes to vaping pens or other related products, your mouth is directly attached to the vaping nozzle, and thus none of the product is lost.

  • Much Better Taste

Weed is all about the taste and relaxation you get from it. Smoking does not allow you to taste the minor taste differences if you try different types. However, when you are using weed through vaping it, you will be amazed to taste every single difference of taste. Also, the taste will be much stronger.

Another reason you happen to experience a pure taste is that fewer toxins are mixed in the vapors you inhale, keeping the taste original. Furthermore, using the best temperature to vape weed will enhance your taste.

What’s The Best Temp To Vape Weed?

The medium temperature from 350°F to 390°F is the best temperature for most of the people. But still, there is no defined vape temperature to give you an accurate clue of the temperature. It varies from experience to experience, the vaporizer being used, and the quality of weed you have. You might use the same temperature in two different conditions, but you will experience a different taste.

Don’t you worry because we have divided the temperature into three categories to help you decide what’s good for you?

1.  Low Temperature: 320-350°F

Every person vapes weed to get something from it, therefore going lower than the 320°F will make you think you wasted your money and time. It’s because, at such a lower temperature, a vaporizer will be unable to provide you with any taste or pleasure. But people who want to enjoy taste more than the effect of nicotine should prefer using lower temperatures as they turn out to be perfect for extracting maximum flavor through vaping.

At lower temperatures, you can enjoy additional health benefits like you will not have to go through pain or irritation because the vapors are of less intensity at low temperatures. Other benefits will be less severe in the after-effects like cotton mouth, red eyes, and paranoia.

People who want to vape weed but have busy day routines can use this low temperature because it will not have extreme effects on your senses, making you unable to work or go through your daily routine. Also, those who have just started using weed can start from a lower temperature and slowly move towards high temperatures.

Cannabinoids And Terpenes to Enjoy

Different types of Terpenes like citronellol, d-limonene, A-pinene, β-caryophyllene, and β-myrcene with some types of Cannabinoids can be used with this temperature.


  • Perfect to use with normal life routine
  • Gives an intensity of flavor
  • Less harmful for health with low intensity
  • Does not induce anxiety or depression
  • Good for newbies as it is much lighter

2.  Medium Temperature: 350-390°F

Vaping the weed at this temperature range is still a safe thing. In this half-baked condition, you will enjoy more flavors of different types of dry herbs. With a less cool and warmer vapor, you can now enjoy a more flavorful experience where you will have stronger vapors. Habitual smokers would love vaping weed at this temperature because of the similarity it makes you feel with a cigarette.

If you are a person of both the flavor and exoticness of weed, then trying this temperature range would be amazing as it is a mid-line that gives you more benefits.

Cannabinoids To Enjoy

With this temperature range, where weed is half roasted, you can enjoy a range of types of weeds to experience different flavors and the pleasure they give to your mind. Some of the types of Cannabinoids include Delta 8 THC, Delta 9 THC, and CBD. While talking about different types of terpenes, you have a voice to use d-limonene, terpinolene, linalool, and humulene.


  • You can experience stronger vapors and flavors
  • With an increase in temperature, the intensity of side effects will also increase
  • Terpenes get a higher chance of conversion into vapors.
  • This temperature range suit the ones who have been through a habit of smoking because instead of the cooler vapors like the previous temperature range, this time you will experience warmer vapors that are much closer to smoke.
  • Using this temperature range, you can still perform your daily activities because it will not make you sleep all day.
  • More relaxing as compared to the lower temperatures.

3.  High Temperature: 390-450°F

For more fans of Cannabinoids, this temperature range is a go. The strongest effects will be obtained at this temperature, leading to severe conditions. But for, those who have a habit of such high temperatures can use this temperature as the best temperature to vape weed.  

This fully baked temperature range is unsuitable for many terpenes because they get diffused at such high temperatures, losing their strength. Those who skip smoking but want something similar to cigarettes must go for this temperature range in exchange. 

Cannabinoids To Enjoy

You must be wondering about the flavors you can try with this temperature because of the high-temperature range, which is much higher than the lower and mid-range. So, using this temperature range, you will be able to enjoy flavors of humulene, phytol, caryophyllene oxide, CBG, CBC, THCa, CBDa, and THCv (a byproduct in the process of THC combustion at a specific temp).


  • You can enjoy a similar effect as smoking because, in cigarettes, there is no temperature control, so you get smokes from a high-temperature burning of the weed.
  • A good temperature range activates the flavor of multiple weed types, which are difficult to taste under lower temperatures. These temperatures are much suitable for Cannabinoids as they require higher temperatures.
  • The intensity of these vapors is surely going to give you some harsh after-effects, including drowsiness, red eyes, coughing, and much more. So, you must be aware before using it because not every person will be able to handle this harshness.
  • You will have lesser pure tastes but more intensity. Most of the flavors will be changed because of the higher temperatures.

How To Choose The Best Vape Temperature For You?

We have discussed different temperatures and which one is suitable for whom. Still, we know deciding about the ideal temperature that will hit you particularly is a really difficult and confusing thing. But there are some helpful tips to find out the temperature made for you.

  1. The most common way of finding your suitable temperature is to start from a middle range and try adding or subtracting some degrees. After a while, you will find out a suitable temperature.
  2. If you use concentrates of weed, then using high temperatures is a good choice because concentrates give flavor at high temperatures. But be careful not to make the temperature too much high because in that case, you will lose pure taste.
  3. Using dry herbs is a good tip for using at low temperatures because using still moist weed will lower your flavor at a particular temperature.
  4. Using the leaves directly if you are using dry weed is less working; instead, you can try to make a powder of it first and then use it for more enhanced flavors.
  5. Focus on the vaporizer you are using because variable voltages vape battery will affect the temperatures and give different outputs.
  6. Using low temperatures can help you use a single bud for a longer time, as low temperatures consume less weed at a time.

Wrapping Up

Knowing about the best temperature of weed vape is one of the crucial things that are compulsory for every weed vaping person to know and take care of. Weed may be legal in your country and give you a feeling of relaxation; still, you must know that using it would not be beneficial at all. But yes, if you follow certain rules, you can avoid much harm easily.

The controversy arises because no one can give you an exact number for temperature that will help you vape weed at that particular temperature. The thing is that different temperatures work for different individuals, depending on your requirements. You have a choice of using different vape temperatures between 160 degrees to 230 degrees centigrade.

We hope that we have provided the appropriate information about the vape temperature to help you vape weed.

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