Lookah Seahorse Pro Overview

Lookah Seahorse Pro is a multi-use electronic nectar collector. This dab straw is dual-use. You can use it as a wax pen or hook it with the bong & oil cartridge.

Can you imagine you can dab numberless dabbing concentrates with such a single nectar collector device? It is distinct. It allows you to dab any concentrate anywhere without the mess. It’s a handy and portable device that gives instant relief after a few sessions. I love wax concentrates, but I adore weed oil, too. By linking a 510 cart with this electronic dab straw device. Bonus, Seahorse Pro is compatible with a bong or water pipe via a few extra dabbing accessories.

Appreciate hassle-free dabbing! Mostly nectar collectors of other brands are full of a hassle because you need an extra torch for heating. Whereas the Pro version, the 2nd generation Seahorse dab pens, can seamlessly be heated by an internal battery. Use this Lookah nectar collector discreetly by switching various coils, namely quartz or ceramic. In addition, Seahorse Pro is built-in with a rechargeable 650mAh battery. So, there is no need to grab a torch since it has everything to enjoy dabs.

We are a massive fan of the brand Lookah collection of water pipes, dab rigs, bongs, and wax vaporizers. But Seahorse Pro is more special, so we are here to share experience about this essential asset. If you are a wax concentrates lover like us, bear with us to get every detail in the Lookah Seahorse Pro review.

What We like

  • Handy due to palm size
  • Single button control
  • Multiple LED indicators
  • Premium built material
  • Easy to clean
  • Transparent vapor window
  • Dual use for dabbing and vaping
  • Replaceable drip tips and connectors
  • Perfect for using with bongs, dab rigs
  • Compatible with 510 thread cartridge
  • Work as a dab pen and nectar collector
  • Quartz coil for smooth hits

What We don’t like

  • 650mAh battery capacity is not enough
  • 15s-30s preheat time lasts long
  • Cleaning brush is short

More We expect

  • Stronger hits
  • Durable cleaning brush
  • The kit comes with dabbing tools
  • Colorful pattern design
  • Type-C charging port

Overall Score

Flexibility of Use
Convenience of Cleaning
Brand Reputation
Appearance Design
Vapor Flavor
Overall Score

Unboxing The Package

I lost in Lookah Seahorse Pro after seeing a fashionable box design with beautiful colors. Such a striking nectar collector device! Everything was mentioned on the package like it has a quartz tip, 650mAh battery, and up to 3 voltage settings to enjoy hits. On the back side of the product package warning, legal disclaimer, QR code, kits included, and specification was itemized. First, I noticed that the user manual had the same color theme as the Seahorse Pro package. That was alluring for me. Seahorse Pro nectar collector device was inside the foam kit to ensure it would not rattle around during shipment. Nice thought, isn’t it? I got these things inside the box:

  • Seahorse Pro unit
  • USB charging cable
  • User manual
  • 14/18mm water pipe adapter
  • Brush for cleaning the device

4 Ways I Use Lookah Seahorse Pro

How to use Lookah Seahorse Pro? That’s easy! Here are 4 ways I prefer to dab wax concentrates and vape oil with this mini nectar collector device. This unit is designed for dabbing and vaping oil. In the long run, a detachable water pipe connector, glass air path, and a quartz tip add worth to vapor quality and taste. A single button allows users to change the voltage setting. Press this button 3 times, and the light will blink to show which voltage you are taking dabs. Just look at how you can use it in 4 ways to dab wax and vape oil.

Dab Wax With A Dab Rig Via The Connector

This way will astound you, and we love to dab and vape wax with a water pipe. Want to know how our team and I take dabs? Alright, link up the Lookah Seahorse Pro with a dab rig using the included 14/18mm adapter and the green silicone hose. I like to use it with my favorite Attraction Titled Showerhead Bong & Dab Rig, in two ways. It’s a glass dab rig prepared from premium material borosilicate glass.

How to Use Lookah Seahorse Pro with Attraction Showerhead Dab Rig? First, I attach one side of the hose to the dab rig and place another side to connect Seahorse device mouthpiece. Now, the hose is into the dab rig where the joint typically fits. Press the button 3 times. Within 15 to 30 seconds, I can begin dabbing with the quartz tip of Seahorse Pro and inhale from the Attraction Showerhead dab rig, which is filled with vapor inside. When inhaling, you should remember to remove the hose from the dab rig at the same time. I have to say, the vapor is cleaner, and the clouds are bigger.

Work As A Dab Pen Or A Mini Nectar Collector

It is effortless to make Lookah Seahorse Pro perform as a portable dab pen. The steps are simple. You should remove the cap which is covering the tip of the dab straw. Keep holding the power button. Next, press 5 times to turn it ON. Just inside the button, there is a light indicator blinking. When it is ready, you can hold Seahorse Pro like a pen and keep pressing the power key unless the quartz tip warms up. Within 30 seconds, the dab pen will heat up, and now you can place the drip tip on the wax concentrates and enjoy the vapor.

The tip of this dab straw is super friendly. The best practice for using this wax pen is to keep the tip straight in the middle or center of the wax concentrates pile. Shove it gently towards the heap of wax or anything you intend to vape. Adore comforting inhale! If you don’t care about that step, it may clog the nectar collector or handy dab pen. Unluckily, you won’t get any vapor if it happens.

How to unclog Lookah Seahorse Pro in that case? Follow the steps for unclogging the Seahorse Pro. Firstly, turn it ON, and activate the highest voltage settings. Secondly, let the dab pen warm up for 15 seconds. Thirdly, take the time to cool it down and repeat the process. Finally, during the second time, you can take a more vital hit right before turning the dab straw device off to turn cold. It will help out in unclogging it.

Cartridge Vape With A Bong Via The Shorter Connector

Another water pipe we love is LTQ Vapor Aurora. We choose this glass bong for our Lookah Seahorse Pro to add fun to wax vaping. I feel so mesmerizing while using the LED feature of the LTQ bong. And I am excited when I notice the button for setting the preferred color of the LED light. It performs amazingly while in darkness.

Firstly, you should roll off the drip tip from Seahorse Pro and screw a THC or 510 oil cart at that place. For the other side, connect the shorter part of the connecter on Seahorse Pro. Now, affix it to the joint of the LTQ Vapor bong, and activate the power. Take a draw from the glass bong mouthpiece and let the trouble-free vapors hit the throat. Make sure its adapter has been set correctly to enjoy extraordinary vapors. LTQ Aurora bong presents cooler and purer vapor since there are water filtration and three percolators inside. That’s why I love using Lookah Seahorse Pro with it.

Screw With A Vape Cartridge

Lookah Seahorse Pro is compatible with CBD cartridges. Now grab your 510 oil cart, and give it a shot with this mini nectar collector. First, you should unscrew the quartz tip from the device and fasten the 510 oil vape cart instead. After activating the device and heating up, you just need to inhale from the vape cartridge mouthpiece. Another surprise is that you can also inhale from the original glass tube mouthpiece. When you inhale this way, you can see the vapor go through the glass tube or the air path. Simple and amazing work. This design is the selling point for my team and me. No doubt, it’s an easy-to-switch and multi-functional portable unit.

Vapor Quality

The vapor from Lookah Seahorse Pro is clean and silky, especially when used with a water pipe. Its dab pen coil is quartz for the best smoothest dabbing and vaping experience. The replaceable coils option helps you to switch from one coil to another for healthier flavor. You can set the high voltage for vaporizing the wax or CBD oil and relish the intense flavor and more potent dabs. This Mini nectar collector quartz coil has the potential to go smoothly with higher temperature modes. I love to dab at 4.1V, and white light flashes when setting that input. Why do I do so? This temperature mode is lip-smacking for wax dabbing. If you feel the hits are so harsh and burnt, set the 3.2V for the best flavorful dabs.

Features And Advantages Of Lookah Seahorse Pro

Lookah Seahorse Pro has infinite advantages, such as multiple uses due to a compatible 510 battery. Smoothly function without bothering the dabbers. Portable and convenient to take dabs because of palm size. Replaceable coils for device use update. Don’t demand more time for cleaning. Furthermore, exclusive mode and inclusive mode for wax are time savings. What allure us to this unit? Alarm indication is the best feature that no other nectar collector includes, and 4 modes of volts and a rechargeable battery make the dabbing experience to another level.

Glittering Appearance

Seahorse Pro is designed in solid color with a layer of low-profiled glittering tiny points. It shines when looking at it from different angles. My favorite color is black because its color fits most of my chic outfits.  And I like how it glitters under the sunlight while we are on a picnic. My friends who like vaping also appreciate this option.

Easy To Clean Because of The Removable Air Path

Tips for cleaning Lookah Seahorse Pro will enhance the device’s durability. The design of this electronic nectar collector is different than others because the air path is small and removable. So, users can easily clean it. This device does not have a lot of areas to bother you. Just pull out the glass tube, or we can say the glass air path. Apply the additional alcohol for cleaning if needed. Grab the provided brush and twist it inside the 510 thread to remove the remains from the air path. Clean the quartz tip and remove the burnt concentrate residues without using a brush or solvent. That’s how you can make this Lookah unit spotless without disturbing the setup of the electronic dab straw.

Multiple Uses For Dabbing And Vaping

Lookah Seahorse Pro is a multiple-functional device. It works for dabs in two ways, becoming a part of the dab rig, and just a portable dab pen or an electronic nectar collector. Moreover, it can be used for cartridge vaping with or without a bong via the water pipe accessory provided. Which discreet way do I use to dab concentrates? I use it as a handy dab pen when I’m out of my home. With friends or at the club, I love fastening the Dope CBD cartridge and using a hose attachment to connect an LTQ Vapor Aurora LED glass bong. Its dazzling colorful lights such as blue, red, and three more colors make dabbing and vaping super exciting and joyful. At the beach, my first preference is to carry the Attraction Titled Showerhead dab rig. This dab rig perfectly works with Seahorse Pro and delivers unforgettable, more substantial hits. When you are bored of enjoying dabs from the dab pen, keep trying the other 3 ways I mentioned above, which are full of ease, and relish the variety of concentrates or oils.

Superb Portability

As far as portability is concerned, I’ve never seen a portable and multiple-use dab pen like Lookah Seahorse Pro in my dabbing and vaping journey. Being friendly and petite, take it wherever, like in clubs, parties, beach, etc. I feel bored and dull without it. I carry it with me even in public spaces, for example, on roads, parks, or on vacations. So whenever, you can kill time by using a dab straw which is always good to serve the perfect dabs and vape cartridges.

Replaceable Drip Tip Coils

Lookah Seahorse Pro drip tip coils are replaceable. It’s easier to change the wear-out coils with new ones because no one likes the burnt taste. So, screw in the ceramic or quartz coil and adore the smooth taste. Seahorse Coil-II is one of the best choices, and its elegant design is compatible with all Lookah Seahorse Pro. The drip tip contains two ceramic coils for high-quality taste and quick dabbing. Just fasten the Seahorse Coil-II, and set the favorite volts settings. Now, dip the tip into your preferred wax concentrates. Quality material is sturdy even if you can softly press the tip counter to wax. This multi-use wax pen eases the wax dabbing experience because of replaceable tip coils and other award-winning features.

Auto Mode & Manual Mode

There is an exclusive mode for wax, which is called auto mode. It helps to keep preheating Seahorse Pro for 15s. Activate it by pressing the power button 3 times and adjusting the temperature for a mind-blowing dabbing. Auto mode provides the temperature protection that’s cherishing. How to deactivate the auto mode? After the device works in auto mode for 30s, it will automatically stop output and change back to manual mode. Now you can press 5 times quickly to turn it off, or you can choose to begin auto mode by thrice clicks.

The manual mode is also a universal mode for both wax concentrates and CBD oils. As discussed above, turn on the dab pen first by clicking 5 times on the button to begin vaping or dabbing. Press the same button twice for temperature adjustments. More voltage details and mode are listed below.

4 Modes of Lookah Seahorse Pro Temperature Color Settings

Seahorse Pro temperature color settings is heart-winning. More than 3 modes of volts keep users tuned. It is like a piece of cake to activate the preferred temperature settings. Press the mini nectar collector single button twice, and different light colors will light up. For instance,

  • 1st Mode (Low): Blue = 3.2V (smooth and fine flavor)
  • 2nd Mode (Medium): Purple = 3.6V (recommended dab settings)
  • 3rd  Mode (High): White = 4.1V (dense & intense vapors)
  • 4th Mode (Auto Pre-heat): = 2.7V (temperature protection included)

In auto mode, after the 30s, when preheat gets ready, it will automatically switch to 1st mode. Moreover, there is a flashing purple lights indicating protection that you need to stop for 10 minutes. Wait till it cools down.

Displays Indications

Lookah Seahorse Pro portable dab pen not only provides potent milky and silky vapors to users but also alerts them about device malfunctions. Alarm indications are different for every malfunction. Most of the time, users ask, “What does it mean when Seahorse Pro blinks yellow?” It indicates an output short circuit glitch that may occur because of a tight connection. Check the quartz tip & cartridge and make sure they are not screwed on tightly. Some other alarms that these portable wax pen displays are listed below.

  • Lower battery: Blinking red 8 times
  • Output over-load: Blinking Cyan 12 times
  • Temperature protection: Purple color light will flash up 8 times

Lookah Seahorse Pro V.S Seahorse Pro Plus V.S Seahorse Max

Seahorse Pro’s design is unique and elegant and depicts the brand’s proficiency. At the same time, Seahorse Pro Plus and Max have an ergonomic and dual-mode design. All versions have compatibility for dab rigs, bongs, CBD oil, and wax concentrate. There is no such noticeable difference except the design, but Lookah Seahorse Pro is more competent than the other two versions of Lookah. Both Pro and include the same battery capacity and volts settings. In comparison, Seahorse Max houses a 950mAh battery but offers the same voltage level. More valuable specification and information is crafted below.

 Seahorse ProSeahorse Pro PlusSeahorse Max
Use ForOil and waxOil and waxOil and wax
Use With Dab Rigs And BongsYesYesYes
Fit 510 CartYesYesYes
Battery Capacity650mAh650mAh950mAh
Heat Up Time15 Seconds5-10 Seconds15 Seconds
Voltage3.2V, 3.6V, 4.1V3.2V, 3.6V, 4.1V3.2V, 3.6V, 4.1V
LED IndicatorsYesYesYes
Color Options1085
Safety ProtectionYesYesYes
Detachable AccessoryYesYesYes
Internal Water ChamberNoNoYes
Charging Micro-USBType-CMicro-USB

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Lookah Seahorse Pro is cost-effective. My overall rating score for this dab straw device is 4.5/5. Epic design, sturdy quality, and easy grip make electronic dab straw exceptional. Mostly compatible with dab rigs, water pipes, and 510 thread wax or oil cartridge. This electronic nectar collector is easy-peasy to use in multiple ways via different attachments, as discussed above. Safety protection includes overload, over-discharge, open-circuit, and temperature protection. I love the vapor quality and density delivered by the quartz tip. Hence, I would recommend enjoying tasty and potent dabs with this device. Also, let it pacify cravings to flavor fullness. In a few words, Lookah Seahorse Pro nectar collector is cost-effective compared to other dabbing devices that make matters worse by delivering harsh and burnt vapors.

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