In the ever-growing vape industry, the Geek Bar Meloso MAX 9000 has taken the vaping world by storm with its excellent features. It comes with enticing features that make this disposable worth trying. Fortunately, I was presented with an opportunity to use the product of Geek Bar. I found it to be a vexing experience and I am thrilled to share my experience in this disposable vape review. I will guide you through its vast variety of features and why it has gathered attention in the vaping world.

Basic Info Of Geek Bar Meloso MAX 9000

  • Puff Counts: About 9000
  • Charging Port: Type-C
  • Battery Capacity: 600mAh
  • E-Liquid Capacity: 14mL
  • Coil: Dual Mesh Coil
  • Nicotine Level: 5%
  • Adjustable Airflow: Yes
  • Flavors: 21

In this article, we reveal how Greek Bar’s new product Meloso MAX 9000 has captivated the market. Furthermore, we will be discussing its performance, design aesthetics, and variety of flavors.

Multicolored Gradient Aesthetics

Greek Bar Melso MAX 9000 disposable vape has gained attention firstly due to its attractive multicolored design aesthetics. In addition, it has a sleek metallic finish that not only provides an attractive look but also a comfortable grip. Consequently, this vape has made vaping convenient with its premium quality build.

It is evident that the company has carefully designed this device and paid great attention to every detail. Not to mention, this vape has a premium feel when you hold it. To sum it up, the overall vaping experience is top-notch as the device provides you comfort and looks attractive in your hands.

Dual Mesh Coil For Exquisite Savor

Apart from Meloso MAX 9000’s aesthetic design, it features a dual mesh coil. This innovative technology guarantees that each puff from this disposable pod is smooth, rich, and flavorful. Correspondingly, you will be surprised by the enriched flavor each time you draw a puff.

Moreover, the mesh coil adds further value to the e-liquid by providing consistency to your vaping experience. When I tried this disposable vape, I felt the same strength of the flavor throughout the session as I experienced in my first hit.

Effective Battery And E-liquid Indicators

Along with the other premium features of Meloso MAX 9000 vape, it features an LED battery and e-liquid indicator system. The LED is added in the disposable vape to effectively tell the current battery levels to the vaper, ensuring that you don’t face a hindrance in your vaping session.

It should be noted that the changing colors of the LED are used to indicate the current battery level and the e-liquid status. The green light of battery indicates the battery levels are between 50%-100%. Similarly, the yellow one means it is between 20%-50%. However, if you see red, it’s time to charging because your device is running out of power, with less than 15% of battery left.

When it comes to e-liquid indicator, it’s also straightforward: Green means the device good with 100%-50% e-liquid. Orange indicates 50%-15%, and red means it down to less than 15%.

This is a luxury feature that adds convenience as it effectively indicates the device’s condition making the overall experience smooth.

Large 600mAh Type-C Rechargeable Battery

Meloso MAX 9000 comes with a mammoth 600 mAh battery along with a Type-C charging port. Its giant battery life guarantees to deliver a long-lasting power. These premium features add to the charm of this sleek designed disposable vape. I particularly enjoyed using this 9000 puffs vape because its battery lasted throughout the puffing sessions.

In addition, the Type-C port promises fast and efficient charging. This battery and charging port are enough to satisfy any reservations you may have about whether the vape would be able to keep up with your vaping needs or not.

Intelligent Airflow Adjustment

The device also features an intelligent airflow adjustment feature which means there is room for customization according to the user’s preferences. This is a beneficial feature for those who prefer fine-tuning the airflow to assist and allow a perfect puff with excellent vapor density. I found this to be a valuable feature because with every puff, I was able to appreciate the strong flavor. This feature may seem insignificant, however, it keeps the vapor density strong and ensures a smooth vaping experience.

14mL E-Liquid Capacity For 9000 Puffs

As the famous saying goes, “never judge a book by its cover”, the same can be applied to this 9000 puffs vape. Even though it comes in a small size – 14mL e-liquid capacity – it is sufficient to allow the user to enjoy 9000 puffs without constantly worrying about refills. The device designers have worked hard to provide a range of premium features in a compact-sized device. Hence, it is undeniable that Meloso MAX 9000 is a premium quality disposable vape that provides much more despite its size.

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Discovering Exceptional Flavor Profiles

Meloso MAX 9000 offers 21 unique flavors to its customers that cater to a vast range of preferences. Nonetheless, I have short-listed a few flavors that stood out when compared to others.

Tropical Rainbow Blast

Tropical Rainbow Blast is one of the most in-demand flavors of Meloso MAX 9000. This vape has a delectable flavor profile that offers a unique burst of tropical fruits which instantly teleports you to paradise where you can taste peace and satisfaction in each puff.

Mexico Mango

Another flavor that has captivated the minds of many users is Mexican Mango. This exciting flavor is all about sweet and juicy mangoes that its vaping users and make them feel as if they are chilling on a summer afternoon.

Green Monster

Green Monster is yet another flavor that has seen a surge in demand in recent times. This is a quirky flavor that is a beautiful fusion between the sour tones of a green apple and the refreshing menthol. Delivering vape enthusiasts with an unmatched experience.

Pros And Cons

Final Thoughts

To sum it up, Geek Bar Meloso MAX 9000 is a remarkable disposable vape that has become the talk of the town due to its remarkable features. I’d rate it 5 out of 5 for its exceptional design, e-liquid capacity, strong battery life, and exciting flavors. It does not matter if you are a seasoned vaper or beginning to take your first steps in the vaping world, Meloso MAX 9000 is the ideal choice and ensures a smooth vaping experience. You will find it to be a stylish and reliable companion that is easy to carry because of its compact design.

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