Vape Tricks Overview

The well-known cool vape trick is the typical O-ring. But there are five more tricks to enjoy the cool vaping experience and widen your purview. Most people have only experienced O-ring tricks, but real vapers can also try other tricks to feel more than puff vapors. Everyone in this century can do the O-ring excellent vaping as your grandparents. But for, excellent and outstanding O-ring vaping requires practice and skills. Perfect O-ring vaping provides the foundation to the other tricks, so it is necessary to do it perfectly to switch to other tricks. There is no hard rule to try the other tricks, but it needs calmness, tolerance and reasonable time. In this article, you’ll be introduced to the most popular vape tricks to make you the coolest vaper in your circle. This guide with a vape trick list is for you. If you’re looking for it, continue your reading and find your favorite vape trick.

The Triangle

Everything is advancing, so there is also up-gradation in the cool vaping trick. This trick also requires practice, but if you’re an expert in the O-ring cool vaping trick, you can try this one at the triangle. First of all, blow it out as O-ring and tap it on a few sides for few times. Please don’t do it frequently; otherwise, you’ll distribute the vapor prematurely. So, all the game in the triangle is of timing. When you practice regularly, you know how and when to tap on the blow out O-ring to give it a triangle shape. You will become an expert in the triangle trick with enough practice by following the O-ring trick.

The O-ring

The primary vape trick is the O-ring. It is also known as a doughnut due to having a round appearance. It is beneficial for those who are new to the world of vaping. In the O-ring trick, the puff of the vapor is taken but holder in the mouth for a while. Then your tongue is kept on rest over the top of your throat. Then your lips are enclosed around teeth in an O shape. In the end, the vapors are pushed out in the throat as you’re slightly coughing. The O-ring vaping trick requires practice, but you will enjoy it a lot with it. Now, you can practice the O-ring trick with the vape pens.

The Ghost Inhale

The Ghost Inhale is the coolest vape trick, and it is pretty much more accessible than O-ring. It is simple and highly recommended for new users. With this ghost vape trick, the giant puff from the vaporizer is taken and just kept in the throat for a few seconds. Now unlock your mouth slowly so that clouds exhale without force. This movement could give an appearance like a giant ball. Vapers in this trick is thicker and more pronounced. This trick is handy and recommended to try with the vaping of e-liquids.

The Bull Ring

It is one of the coolest looking tricks. But it also requires enough practice and mastery of the O-ring trick. It is pretty much more straightforward to follow after the O-ring blowout. First of all, you will have to release a big one for O-ring. Now use your nostrils and suck in the upper part of the O-ring. The output vapor will make a cloud of the distinctive ring look in the snout area of the bulls. Even in this trick, time is much essential. If you inhale quickly, then you won’t find any desired shape. So, use the time to understand when and how to inhale the O-ring blowout. It will look cool if you do it perfectly.

The French Inhale

It makes the appearance like ghost inhales. But the difference is that in the French inhale, the snout area feels a hit instead of the mouth. The French inhale is the sexier trick to stand out from other tricks. It is the sleekest method of coolest vape tricks among all given. In the French inhale, a huge hit is taken from popular vapes which consume concentrates or e-liquids. Now, it is time to keep the vapors in your throat for a while. In the end, unlock your mouth gently to vapors go out without unfolding your mouth. When you exhale the vapers from your mouth, then now inhale them from your nostrils slowly. It can quickly be done if your throat is enclosed. It is a very attractive and demanding coolest vape trick.

The Dragon Puff

The dragon puff is a cool trick that requires average practice to perfect. In the dragon puff method, you’ll blow out the vapors from 4 ways: your snout area and the sides of your lips. How superb your trick is will depend on the clouds’ thickness and size. The highly suggested vapes are box modes and functional vaping devices to try this trick. In the dragon puff, you are not only inhaling the vapors. Instead, you also hold it in the mouth and release it through your nostrils. When you hold a multiple hit and blow it out by your snout area and the sides of your throat, you can practice this trick without having a hit to be an expert.


Vaping has gained popularity during the last decade because it doesn’t possess any harmful chemicals possessed by tobacco and traditional smoking. One can perform different vape tricks that include the O-ring, the ghost inhale, the triangle, the bull ring and the French inhale. You should have a suitable vape mode and a regular pen to start it regardless of which vape trick you want to try. In addition, you should have mastery of the O-ring trick because it is essential to try anyone. There is no need to buy the best vape to practice these tricks. Instead, you can use any one of your choices to enjoy it, but the condition is you should have capabilities and skills of it.

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